Support From Business & Community

Major Business Sponsors

We are grateful to the following businesses for their generosity to the Bloom House Flip community project. These businesses have donated 100% of their labour or materials to the value of $1000 or more! Your significant contributions educate, equip and empower underprivileged women in impoverished communities. Thank you for your impact.

AD Housewash and Gutter Cover

We are grateful to Doug Aylward from AD Housewash and Gutter Cover who donated his team of cleaners to clean the exterior 3 times!

Andrew Lyons Tiling

We are grateful to Andrew Lyons Tiling for donating time and products to water proof all wet areas and tile the front entrance!

Behrendorff Cabinets

We are grateful to Steve Behrendorff from Behrendorff Cabinets who has volunteered to do all the cabinet making for the project (kitchen, laundry and living room cabinetry) at cost. Steve is also donating all his labour to the Bloom House Flip! Steve also managed to get 3 of his suppliers to donate their products!


Build Up Carpentry

We’re grateful to David Willadsen from Build Up Carpentry who levelled the house and fixed the front section of pickets next to the stairs!

Caesar Stone

We are grateful to Caesar Stone for providing us 50% off Caesar stone for kitchen, laundry and desk nook!

Cherie Prattey’s Painting

We are grateful to Cherie Prattey’s Painting who led the team of accredited painters to paint the interior of the Bloom House Flip for free!

The Chronicle

We are grateful to The Chronicle for their interview and article featuring the Bloom House Flip and support for our fundraisers and advertising in The Realtor leading up to the auction!

Darling Down’s Property Care

We are grateful to Nigel Sibio from Darling Down’s Property Care who cleaned the interior of the house for free after the build!

David Bogdan

We are grateful to David Bogdan, a local Electrician and Liscened Cabler who donated structured Data Cabling!

Drew Built Homes and Construction

We are grateful to Drew Cocker from Drew Built Homes and Construction for donating his team of workers from Brisbane on a number of occasions!


We are grateful to Luke Vogler and Dulux who donated all paint products including decking paint and oil for FREE!

EGLO Lighting

We are grateful to EGLO Lighting for donating beautiful light fittings to the Bloom House Flip!


We are grateful to Russell Bentley, owner of Enfab Stainless Steel Specialists, for donating custom made grates for both showers. He also donated the steel wires for the car port and pergola!

Furnware & Dorset

We are grateful Furnware & Dorset for donating hardware: bin cupboard, hinges, drawer runners etc to the Bloom House Flip!

Groom and Lavers Solicitors

We are grateful to Groom and Lavers Solicitors who have donated all legal work and searches for both buying and selling of the property at no charge for the Bloom House Flip!

Haymans Electrical

We are grateful to Jade Malloch (Branch Manager) from Haymans Electrical  for supplying all electrical needs and some light fittings and organising a supplier to donate most light fittings!

JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd

We are grateful to JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd for their donation of skips for rubbish removal!

Katana Foundations Australia

Katana Foundations Australia is a leading supplier and installer of steel screw piles for the Australian residential and light commercial construction markets.

We are grateful to them for donating $2,500 to the Bloom House Flip!

Metro Tiles Toowoomba

We are grateful to Metro Tiles Toowoomba for going out of their way to help us with the Bloom House Flip project.
Steven Henley may be one of the nicest guys in Toowoomba. He is the proud new owner of Metro Tiles in the Bernoth Centre and not only is he giving us tiles at cost price but he has organised tilers to lay them for free. WE LOVE HIS SHOP!!! The same perfection he had in his trade whilst being a tiler for many years has followed him into the shop with a brilliant layout of the most classy tiles Toowoomba has to offer.

Natalie, in his sales team, is also BRILLIANT in helping people find what they are looking for. Natlie was recommended to me by an interior designer as being brilliant at what she does and I would have to agree now seeing her work first hand.

THANKS Metro Tiles for supporting us with your amazing tiles.

Mr Sanderman

We are grateful to Jim Gray at Mr Sanderman Floor Sanding and Polishing who donated a team of workers to sand and polish floor boards with all labour free!

New Age Veneers

We’re grateful to Kendall White from New Age Veneers for supplying our Navurban Silkwood board product for all kitchen and laundry doors!

Nucc Monte

We are grateful to Nucc Monte – Qualified Plumber- who provided all plumbing for the Bloom House flip for free!

Olsen Water Equipment

We are grateful to Graeme Olsen from Olsen Water Equipment who has donated the pump and all fittings for garden irrigation system and supplied the labour to set up the dripper and spray system for the gardens as well as finding us electricians!

Rice Furniture

We are grateful to Rice Furniture for supplying the furniture to stage the Bloom House Flip at 70% off!

Simon Home Timber & Hardware Toowoomba

We are grateful to Simon Home Timber and Hardware Toowoomba for donating outdoor timber for the Bloom House Flip!

StruXi Design

We are grateful to Owen Kleidon and Marc from StruXi Design for donating draft plans to the Bloom House Flip. StruXi Design have also excelled in their additional contribution of quality design ideas and Marc (Drafter / experienced photographer) has offered to take photos of house when finished.

Success Realty

We are grateful to Success Realty who have gone above and beyond helping the Bloom House Flip with the house sale itself. David and Angela Harms have also very generously offered to personally donate 100% of their commission to Bloom Asia!  They have also waived advertising costs and set us up with a free professional photographer!

Toowoomba WireWorks

We are grateful to brothers Josh and Tom van de Ligt from Toowoomba Wireworks for supporting the Bloom House Flip with Electricians, donating labour all electrical work.

Additional Support From the Community

We are also grateful to every single person, business and community organisation who rallied behind this community project. Your support has been invaluable to the success of the Bloom House Flip community project and has contributed to making our world a better place for those who are most vulnerable among us! Thank you.

864 4GR AM

We are grateful to the team at 864 4GR AM for generously creating and running radio advertising for the Bloom House Flip. Not only have they donated their professional skills, their team has also offered their individual time and labour to volunteer for half a day in whatever is needed when the time comes!

Radio 92.9 FM

We are grateful to David Wilcox and the team at Radio 92.9 FM for running a special radio interview with the Bloom House Flip team and their weekly interviews advising the Toowoomba community of the Bloom House Flip needs and events. We’re also grateful for their live feed during auction!


A & R Painting and Decorating

We are grateful to Brendan Asmussen from A & R Painting and Decorating who donated inside painting!

Affordable Sheds Toowoomba

We are grateful to Builder Neil Kronk from Affordable Sheds Toowoomba who donated a day of labour to the Bloom House Flip!

Ash Chapman Upholsterers

We are grateful to Ash Chapman Upholsterers for volunteering to fix bedhead donated to the Bloom House Flip!

Baseup Building

We are grateful to James Prendergast at Baseup Building for labour and general help and support to the Bloom House Flip.

Bathroom Supermart

We are grateful to Bathroom Supermart for supporting the Bloom House Flip with cost price of all wet area fixtures and generous supply.

Belle Bouquets

We are grateful to Lisel Vonhoff from Belle Bouquets for donating flowers to be sold at fundraisers; styling the tables for our High Tea; donating flowers and making beautiful displays and wreath for the Bloom House Flip “Open House” inspection!

Bevande Coffee

We are grateful to Bevande Coffee for selling hot drinks at our fundraisers to raise money for the Bloom House Flip project!

Boral Concrete Toowoomba

We are grateful to Boral Concrete Toowoomba for donating concrete for the floor of the shed!

Carpet Court

We are grateful to Carpet Court for supporting the Bloom House Flip through cost price carpet and blinds!

Curly’s Shot Photography

We’re grateful to Andrew ‘Curly’ Schnitzerling from Curly’s Shot Photography for providing Bloom House Flip professional photos for free!

Cyber Audience

We’re grateful to Cyber Audience – social media marketing for donating a setup of the Bloom House Flip on social media and then training us in how to use Facebook as a communication and community building tool.

D Blinds

We are grateful to D Blinds for donating kitchen blinds to the Bloom House Flip!

Freedom Retractable Screens

We are grateful to Freedom Retractable Screens for supplying a pull down screen at cost price!

G James Glass and Aluminium

We are grateful to G James Glass and Aluminium for providing cost price windows, crim safe screens, glass shelving and shower screens to the Bloom House Flip!

Garden City Landscape Centre

We are grateful to James and Regy Balmain from Garden City Landscape Centre for providing reduced price on our landscape supplies!

High Country Herald – Highfield

We are grateful to the High Country Herald for the their articles featuring the Bloom House Flip and their support for our fundraisers.

Higgins Toowoomba Insulation

We are grateful to Higgins Toowoomba Insulation for providing cost price underfloor insulation to the Bloom House Flip!


Josh Mueller Outdoor Timber

We are grateful to Josh Mueller Outdoor Timber (0419 189 018) for donating a large number of timber items made for free!

Joyce Mayne

We are grateful to Wayne Peters, a franchisee of Joyce Mayne who supplied all the appliances for the Bloom House Flip at cost price!

Langerak Painting and Decorating

We are grateful to Darren Langerak from Langerak Painting and Decorating who donated inside painting!

Marc Robson Photographer

We are grateful to Marc Robson Photographer who used his magic to create romantic ambience in professional photos of the flip house. Marc is an experienced building designer with StruXi Design (who drafted our plans for free) and has a serious passion for photography specialising in architecture, interiors, cars and portraits. His attention to detail is incredible and the way he uses shadows is genius. He is not just a designer and talented artist; he is a generous man donating many hours to help.

Marc is available for weekend photography work. 0428 862 990

MJ & HM Bradford

We are grateful to Murray Bradford from MJ & HM Bradford  who donated inside painting!

My Media Trading Desk

We are grateful to Michael Petersen from My Media Trading Desk for donating Facebook Advertising to promote the auction!

Orrcon Steel Toowoomba

We are grateful to Orrcon Steel Toowoomba for donating steel for gates and car port posts!

Owen Forrest Builder

We are grateful to Owen Forrest Builder for the Bloom House Flip by helping us with various jobs throughout the process!

Painting’s a briese

We are grateful for Painting’s a briese who donated inside painting for the the Bloom House Flip!

Ray White Rural Crows Nest

We are grateful to Geoff Trost from Ray White Rural Crows Nest for his support and assistance on the Bloom House Flip Auction Day!

Ray White Rural Group

We are grateful to the Bloom House Flip official Auctioneer, Bruce Smith. Bruce is the National Marketing Performance Manager for the Ray White Rural Group and travels the country calling Auctions. He has literally called many thousands of Auctions and is a true professional who brings personality to the Auction!

Ross Turner Building

We are grateful to Ross Turner Building for donating timber to the Bloom House Flip!

We are grateful to the RLA Group for donating Unigrip Glue for tiling!

Tony Morris Tiling

We are grateful to Tony Morris Tiling for tiling the stone around the heater and donating staff to silicone all the wet areas!

Toowoomba Colonial Fittings

We are grateful to Brian and Pixie Roediger – owners of Toowoomba Colonial Fittings – who supplied locks and door handles at cost price for the Bloom House Flip.

Toowoomba Regional Council

We are grateful to Carol Taylor (Deputy Mayor) and David Drumins (Manager of Building and Compliance) from Toowoomba Regional Council for their support.


Top of the Range Heating & BBQs

We are grateful to Keith Bailey from Top of the Range Heating & BBQs who supplied the Bloom House Flip with a gas heater and BBQ at cost price.

Tricky Trowel

We are grateful to Tricky Trowel for supplying the Bloom House Flip with reduced price plastering!

True Cool Install

We are grateful to Peter van de Ligt from True Cool for installing the Bloom House Flip air-conditioner for free!

Westpac Bank

We are grateful to Julie Meyer (Home Finance Manager) from the Westpac Bank Clifford Gardens Toowoomba who has supported us from arranging bank fees to be waived to canvassing hard to enable the finance needed to commence the Bloom House Flip fundraising project. We’re also grateful to Sally McKenzie (Home Finance Manager) who helped when we were faced with time deadlines!

William Pledger’s Wildlife Management Services

We are grateful to William Pledger’s Wildlife Management Services for providing a discount with possum removal!

More People We Would Like To Thank

We are grateful to every single person who has been involved in the Bloom House Flip community project. So many hands and hearts have pitched in to make the world a better place – we have not even listed every single person here but we hope that you all know our gratitude. Thank you!

Building Volunteers

Jason Burnett Builder

Wayne Coombs (assisted Jason with build)

James Carr (installed master bed cupboards)

Sue-Ellen’s brothers (assisted with build)\

Erica Mueller (paving)

Reno helpers

Mueller Family

Rod Farrand

Warwick Benn

Carlsen Family

Seth Brumpton

Claudia Benn

Rex Finedon’s boys

Mccomber Family

Fundraising Team

Carlsen Family

Desley Finedon

Veronica Bruce

Kris Kippen

Gina Valderama

Valderama family & extended family

Lisel Vonhoff

Grace Bogdan

Courtney Burnett

Briahna Burnett

Lyra Burnett

Mccomber Family

Warwick Benn

Sue-Ellen Massey

Leona Conwell

Glenys Meyers

Craig & Rebekah Pieper

Scott & Kris Meares

Bill & Bev Kippen

Janet Collins

Uniting Church ladies

Plus many more helpers at each individual event…